Dogs can’t simply hand over a list of the gizmos and gadgets they desire. That puts added pressure on us, their human friends, to pick out the best toys and treats for our favorite pooches. Whether you’re looking for new year gift for your pet like, luxe puppy bed, a fun chew toy. Or, something more unusual for the dog who has everything. We’ve gathered the best Wirecutter-tested and staff-recommended new year gift for dogs

Play-or-treat, new year gift

IQ Treat Ball by OurPets (starting at $10 at the time of writing)An adventurous pup must roll the IQ Treat Ball. Or, pick it up in their mouth and drop it in order to release a piece of kibble from it. It may seem straightforward. But, a former Wirecutter editor claimed it was the best dog toy she had ever purchased, adding that it endured years of hard play and gave her and her dog hours of enjoyment. You can change the difficulty level by rotating a tiny disc inside the sphere. Which, keeps things interesting. Do take size into account when giving. For canines weighing less than 40 pounds, the 3-inch choice is advised; for weights greater than that, choose the 4-inch option.

RexSpecs ($85 at time of publication), adventurous dog

new year gift

Many dogs, including those with ongoing eye conditions, those who frequently engage in combat with porcupines. Or, simply pups who enjoy accompanying their owners on lengthy walks and ski vacations, will benefit from a set of RexSpecs dog goggles. Even with all that happy panting, the dynamic strap is surprisingly good at holding its position. And, the ventilated frame keeps fogging at bay. For the optimum fit, it is a good idea to measure since RexSpecs come in six sizes based on head and muzzle diameter. Although the lenses are impact-resistant, replacement lenses cost less than $10. In the event that the googles are unintentionally nibbled.

House Dogge Boo Boo Binky Toy, a toss-and-pull toy.


We adore the Boo Boo Binky from House Dogge for the pup who proudly carries, loves, and snuffles their toys like dear friends. However, if you’re buying a gift for someone who chews their food quickly, a box of Nylabone Dura Chew bones would be a better choice. The thick merino wool body is tear-resistant and easy to clean. And, the cotton, triple-twisted rope is perfect for enjoyable games of tug-of-war. This is also an excellent gift for a dog (or owner). Who, might sneer at having to use other, less appealing options for toys.

Magnum Dogs ($25 at the time of publishing), a really good book


A book honouring similar-minded dogs should be kept in the house of a very nice dog. 180 images from the 80-year history of the picture agency are included in Magnum Dogs. There are pictures of animal companions lounging at home, having a good time on the beach, and cuddling with their famous owners. (There’s a beautiful picture of Alfred Hitchcock reading the newspaper in the morning as his dog looks over his shoulder.) Every image in the book is a journey and a joy, and it is an unrivalled collection of dog images from the top photographers in the world.
Squeaky silence

Ultrasonic squeaker toys for dogs called Hear Doggy cost $13

A squeaky toy can keep a boisterous dog totally occupied, but it can also make adjacent people feel on edge. The frequency of Hear Doggy’s Ultrasonic Squeaker Toys ranges from 24 to 28 KHz, which is still exciting to dogs but almost imperceptible to human ears. This specific squeaker creates a quiet whooshing sound when chewed, similar to air being pushed around. This plush toy is susceptible to being destroyed by dogs on an internal search-and-destroy mission, just like any other plush toy. However, according to our testers, it is reasonably robust and is notably valuable for the sound of silence.

A more entertaining new year gift (Toy)

($15 at the time of publication) Kong Jumbler Ball
Some dogs can play with the same toy all day without becoming bored, but others need diversity. The Kong Jumbler Ball is ideal for dogs who believe that variety makes life more interesting. Inside the transparent plastic shell is a squeaky tennis ball, and outside handles make it simple for you to pick it up and throw it. Or, for your dog to shake and throw it around as they like. Dorie Chevlen, a staff writer, has a friend who has a hyperactive dog, and the Jumbler keeps her entertained for hours.

The Wirecutter crew highly recommends two additional Kong puzzle toys.

Dogs pick up on the fact that they can move the plastic Kong Wobbler to release a treat very rapidly. It can be filled with hard treats or kibble. With the exception of wet food, The Kong Classic offers the same entertainment.

A monitoring pet camera

Approximately $40 at the time of writing. Eufy, Solo IndoorCam C24The Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 makes it easy to watch after your pet wherever you are. After extensive testing, we concluded that this inexpensive wireless indoor security camera is a great alternative to more expensive pet cameras. This Eufy device gives good photographs even at night, requires less setup time, and features two-way audio.
You can stream the video live from a smartphone and receive notifications when motion or sound is detected. Video recordings can be kept locally on a microSD card (sold separately). Or, in the cloud for 30 days starting at $3 per month. If your dog has fans, you could even use the Eufy app to personally invite a handful of them to watch the reality show with a canine theme.

A comfy bed for babies

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed (starting at around $35 as of this writing)
This silky, cushy bed from Majestic Pet has been our pick for the best dog bed overall. Since, we first published the list in 2017. In this bed, your dog will have nothing but sweet dreams. We appreciate how its soft microsuede cover can be machine washed and stands up well to gnawing and scratching. This bed is available in four sizes to accommodate dogs up to 110 pounds. And, the muted colour options go well with most types of interior design. This cuddler bed is simple to fill and maintains its shape after washing, in contrast to other cuddler beds of a similar kind that we tested. In fact, according to one tester, it has just now started to deteriorate after five years of use.

Canines on socks

Custom dog socks from DivvyUp (starting at around $25 at the time of publication)
Now that everyone can see how cute your puppy is, you’re not alone. These DivvyUp socks are certain to emphasise your dog’s best qualities. Because, you get to choose the image and post it directly to the company website.If you have more than one dog and don’t want to be accused of picking favourites, each pair can have up to three different faces. These comfortable socks are available in a range of colours and sizes. So, there’s no need to stress about not pet identification: The pictures print clearly, making sure the faces don’t sag when you’re wearing the socks.



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